Relief from Neck Strain

How Chiropractic Care Might Ease Your Shoulder Pain

by Sophie Hill

If you've been having shoulder pain that doesn't go away or that limits your arm movement, then it may be time to see a chiropractor for help. Many things can cause shoulder pain, so finding out the cause of your problem is just as important as getting the right treatment. Here are some treatments a chiropractor might try in order to help you.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Before your chiropractor begins treatment, they'll give you a physical examination, and they may even order imaging tests to look at your shoulder. If your pain originates in your back or neck, a chiropractic adjustment might help. The problem may not actually be in your shoulder; it could be due to nerve compression in your spine because of a disc problem or an alignment issue. A chiropractic adjustment can relieve the pressure on the nerve so it can begin to heal.

Pain Therapy Treatments

Your chiropractor might use heat on your shoulder to relax the tissues, increase circulation, and reduce pain. This could involve the use of an ultrasound that heats up the tissues that are deep in your shoulder. Heat treatments can help with pain relief and can assist with recovery from an injury to your shoulder.

Posture Education

One thing that can cause shoulder pain is poor posture. If your posture is bad because you work at a computer all day or if you lift things using poor body mechanics, you can put strain on your neck, back, and spine. Your chiropractor may teach you how to sit and work on a computer for extended times without straining your neck. This might help you avoid problems with your neck, back, spine, and shoulders in the future, and it could speed up the healing of your current shoulder pain since you won't be aggravating your condition with poor posture.

Massage Techniques

Your chiropractor can also use different types of massage techniques to break up scar tissue around your shoulder joint so you'll have less pain. Massage can also relax tense neck and back muscles and improve circulation in your shoulder area.

Your chiropractor has different techniques to use in addition to spinal manipulations and adjustments. The treatments you receive depend on the reason for your pain, but you may not achieve immediate relief. If your shoulder is injured or if tissues or nerves are inflamed, it takes time for them to heal and for your pain to get better. This means you may need a series of chiropractic treatments spread over a few weeks or months until your shoulder returns to normal.