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3 Self-Massage Techniques That Are Easy To Learn And Use

by Sophie Hill

Visiting a massage therapist regularly can work wonders for not only your physical ailments, but also your overall stress level and ability to relax. There are times at which it's not possible to see your massage therapist, such as when you're sitting at your desk during a long workday or are gridlocked in a traffic jam during your commute. In these instances, practicing a few self-massage techniques can feel pleasurable and aid in relaxation. Not sure how you should get started? Here are three techniques that are easy to learn and possible to perform in a wide variety of settings.

Hand Massage

There are several spots in your hands that are ideal to massage yourself. Focus on areas such as the heel of your thumb, the top of your hand between your thumb and index finger and the individual sections of your fingers. You don't have to worry about meticulously employing a specific technique; simply kneading these areas, applying gentle pressure and rubbing them between the thumb and index finger on the opposite hand can be pleasurable. If it's possible, adding a little hand lotion to the equation can further increase the efficacy of the self-massage.

Scalp And Face Massage

The scalp is one of the most pleasurable places to receive treatment from a professional, but you can generate some pleasant sensations on your own. Provided you're not concerned about messing up your hair, use your fingertips to push and pull your scalp in several locations. Moving toward the base of your skull can find tender areas that you can rub gently for relief. Use the tips of your thumbs and fingers to apply gentle pressure to such areas as your temples, earlobes, jaw and around your eyes. Light pressure on your temples, for example, can help to reduce pain from a headache, while gently tugging on your earlobes provides a uniquely enjoyable sensation.

Foot Massage

A tennis ball in your desk at work is all the equipment you need for a fulfilling foot massage. Slip off your shoes, set the ball on the floor and place your bare or socked foot over the ball. By moving your foot and pressing down, you can position the ball in different areas that require relief. Switch feet as needed, and perform this self-massage whenever you have tired feet that need attention. Your co-workers won't have any idea that you're taking some time for yourself.

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