Relief from Neck Strain

3 Tips To Keep Your Nerves From Pinching After A Chiropractic Visit

by Sophie Hill

A pinched nerve is the result of joints, muscles, or bone that is pressing against a nerve. It may also be the result of a bulging disc. Once a nerve becomes pinched the pain is typically constant and extreme. As a result, seeing a chiropractor can be a good solution to relieving some of that tension from your nerve. A chiropractor will be able to lift the muscles and tissues in your body away from your nerves. Once this happens, you will immediately feel relief. However, a nerve can become pinched all over again if you are not careful.Here are a few tips you can use to keep your nerves from pinching.

Sit Up Straight

If you are used to slouchy or hunching over, then it can be difficult to finally sit up straight. Right after an adjustment from a chiropractor is the best time to begin practicing good posture. A chiropractic adjustment helps to lengthen and straighten the spine. You can help to maintain this adjustment by maintaining a good posture while you are sitting and standing. Hunching over or slouching will place an enormous amount of pressure on your nerves again.

Avoid Using One Body Part Too Frequently

There are some tasks like typing and assembly line jobs that require you to use one body part over and over again. This repetitive motion places an enormous amount of stress on the nerves located in those areas. Eventually, the joints and muscles will collapse onto the nerves causing a pinched nerve. The best way to avoid doing this is to give your body a break. Resting our arms, neck, legs, and hands for a few minutes will help to alleviate some of the stress from these areas.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Since a pinched nerve is the result of unnecessary tension and stress, it is common for people that are overweight to suffer from pinched nerves. The excess weight will eventually begin to press against the nerve. If this is the case, the only way to get rid of the pain permanently is by losing the extra weight. Once you get to a healthy weight you will notice a reduction in the amount of pinched nerves you have and how often they occur.

Seeing a chiropractor about a pinched nerve is a temporary solution. It is important for you to maintain your body after the chiropractic visit, such as Grand Chiropractic, to ensure that your nerve does not become pinched again.