Relief from Neck Strain

Three Common Health Issues That Massage Therapy Can Successfully Treat

by Sophie Hill

Visiting a massage therapist can be an effective way to successfully manage anything from everyday aches and pains to injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident. What you might not know, however, is that your local massage therapist can provide positive results for a variety of other health issues. If you've experienced positive results in the past with massage and are looking for a way to deal with your current health complaints without the use of medication, seeking massage therapy might be the answer. Here are three common health issues that you can drastically improve by visiting a massage therapist.

Digestive Issues

If you're among the more than 40 million Americans suffering from constipation, scheduling an appointment with your massage therapist can lead to relief. Although lifestyle and dietary changes can also help you manage this issue, many massage therapists can provide relief through a specific form of abdominal massage. Your therapist will apply gentle pressure to several key points around your abdomen, often working in a clockwise direction to encourage your digested food to continue through your digestive tract. The therapist might also use a combination of essential oils such as rosemary, which can aid in digestion, while also working on reflexology points in your back and feet.

Tired Eyes

People whose job requires them to sit in front of the computer for long stretches may suffer from tired eyes that can even lead to headaches. If you raise this complaint to your massage therapist, he or she will specifically focus on providing relief by massaging several small muscles in your face, including the muscles around your eyebrows and around your nose. These smooth, gentle movements can help increase blood circulation to the area, which can expedite the healing process. Your massage therapist will also likely suggest some simple ways for you to manage your eye strain, such as through taking regular breaks from the computer.

Arthritis Symptoms

If you find that your arthritis symptoms are affecting your quality of life, booking a massage is a positive step to take. A massage tailored to these symptoms, which can include sore joints and limited range of motion, can decrease your discomfort and even improve the health of your joints -- some patients report increased hand grip strength after a massage. Many massage therapists will also use heated stones to provide a warm, comfortable feeling for your affected areas.

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