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3 Reasons To Take Your Infant And Child To The Chiropractor

by Sophie Hill

Many parents have learned first hand of the many benefits of taking your child to the chiropractor. There are even chiropractors who specialize in pediatrics and giving children adjustments. If you have never taken your child to a chiropractor before you might be wondering what sorts of circumstances would require a chiropractor. Here are a couple reasons to take your child to the chiropractor.

1. Adjustment For Birth Trauma

If your child was born vaginally, not by cesarean section, they probably experienced a great deal of trauma. The force that it takes to push a baby out of the birth canal, and the way the child's body must contort to come through safely can be very uncomfortable and even leave some babies in pain. This is why many chiropractors recommend taking your newborn in for an adjustment just days after birth. This will help them to elongate their spine so that their growth is healthy and safe.

In order to get this adjustment the child can rest on their mother's stomach or lay on a bed while the chiropractor does a very gentle, and very safe manipulation of the spine. This should help the child sleep better and grow better.

2. Acid Reflux

Many young babies and children suffer from acid reflux. Each time they eat they experience a backwash of acid up their esophagus that causes them to feel pain and discomfort. In most cases a doctor will prescribe, even small babies, an anti acid. Instead of giving a young baby medication, you can take them to the chiropractor. By elongating the spine and manipulating the child's body, the chiropractor can help the child's digestive system to work properly. This is a much safer and easier way to treat acid reflux than giving your child medication.

3. Ear Infections

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons that children see medical professionals. The cause for an ear infection is stagnant fluid in the ear canal that cannot drain. Instead of helping the ear canal to drain, a doctor will most likely prescribe an antibiotic that will treat the infection. Ideally, you need to get to the root of the problem and drain the ear canal of the stagnant fluid. Through an adjustment of the neck, head and spine, a chiropractor can encourage healthy drainage and treat the infection without antibiotics.

These are just a couple of the many things that a chiropractor can treat children and infants for. Contact a pediatric chiropractor like one from Wave Of Life Chiropractic for more information.