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4 Tips to Avoid Straining Your Back While Moving Furniture

by Sophie Hill

You might be gearing up for a big move to a new house and there is no one around to help you move your furniture. Or you might just want to move a few pieces of furniture around and give your space a fresh look. Either way handling heavy pieces of furniture can strain your back and lead to acute back pain. While the pain normally goes away after a few weeks, it is often painful to deal with. Therefore, there are a few tips you can use in order to avoid straining your back while moving furniture.

Stretch Beforehand

Heavy lifting and moving can be very taxing on the body. Therefore, it is a good idea to stretch your muscles before tackling any of the furniture in your home. The same way that you would stretch before a workout is the same way you should stretch before moving furniture. Stretching acts as a mild warm up that wakes up your muscles and releases tension throughout your body. You do not need to spend the next 30 minutes stretching, but a few extra minutes will be beneficial to your body.

Maintain a Flat Back

One of the ways that people strain their back when lifting heavy objects is by rounding their spine. This places an unnecessary amount of stress on your back. When lifting furniture keep your back flat and bend your knees until you are almost at eye level with the piece of furniture. You can then use your legs, arms, and core to lift the furniture. This technique will evenly distribute the additional weight of the object throughout your body.

Take Your Time to Lift

Lifting fast will only increase your chances of injuring yourself. If your body is not used to lifting that heavy then it is important to take your time. Slow and steady movements are better than fast and erratic movements. 

Use a Forklift Dolly

Forklift dollies are smaller versions of the forklifts that are used to move heavy containers. You can slide your piece of furniture onto the forklift and use the dolly to move it to its new location. This method requires very little heavy lifting and works to lift pieces that are too difficult for you to move on your own.

Reducing the amount of weight placed on your back is key in avoiding sustaining injuries while moving furniture. Use the tips above to avoid suffering a back injury the next time you decide to move your furniture. For more information, talk to a chiropractor.