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The Right Chiropractor Can Help Bodybuilders Suffering From Arthritis

by Sophie Hill

Arthritis can be a very difficult medical condition to endure since it can negatively affect a person's life. Dealing with the condition is unavoidable in order to reduce the pain and live a healthy life. People who love the gym and enjoy bodybuilding for fun and hobby are going to have additional complexities to overcome due to their uniquely active lifestyle. Working with a chiropractor who understands these special needs could help a bodybuilder live pain free without having to make drastic changes to his/her life.

Bodybuilding As A Partial Arthritis Treatment

The reason people think a diagnosis of arthritis means the end of all bodybuilding workouts is people assume weightlifting exercises are going to make things worse. The opposite may be true. Per The National Institute of Arthritis and Muscoskeletal and Skin Diseases, strength-increasing weight training exercises reduce the impact of arthritis. Research also indicates bodybuilding and weightlifting might reduce the progression of rheumatoid arthritis.

Of course, those suffering from arthritis should not ignore the pain and keep lifting weight without exploring treatment options. One option would be to seek the help of a uniquely qualified chiropractor -- one who understands the patient's condition and lifestyle

Seek Out The Bodybuilding Chiropractor

Finding a chiropractor with extension knowledge about both arthritis and bodybuilding may not very difficult. A great many bodybuilders and fitness professionals are attracted to the chiropractic field. The former Mr. Olympia and star of the documentary Pumping Iron, Franco Columbo, has been a long-time practicing chiropractor. The bodybuilding world is filled with many not-so-famous persons who combine their wealth of knowledge of bodybuilding and weightlifting with chiropractic medicine. Someone struggling with arthritis who still wishes to continue with a weightlifting program should definitely seek out such a doctor.

Working with the Chiropractor

In addition to providing an adjustment, the chiropractor can recommend specific exercises to help strengthen the muscles of an arthritis sufferer. A chiropractor with extensive knowledge about bodybuilding and personal training could devise a way to mix strengthening exercises with ones designed to enhance appearance. For example, strength-improving leg extensions may be combined with very light definition-enhancing hack squats.

A chiropractor with special insights into weight training would be a great help with evaluating workout programs. He/she could veto a workout program that is too stressful and suggest one more appropriate for an arthritis sufferer. Overall, the help of such a doctor is going to prove quite valuable to those living the bodybuilding lifestyle.

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